Your guide to a smart home

About us

The choice of smart home devices is getting bigger and more confusing. It is not easy to keep track of them all.

Our team of 5 smart home enthusiasts tests the best and most popular smart home products for you.

Transparent, honest and 100% independent!

Because our mission is clear: We want to offer you the best online buying advice in the smart home sector.

How we test?

Our team works hard to test and evaluate the multitude of smart home devices for you.

Each test is preceded by extensive market analysis and research. Next, every product we review on our site goes through a precisely defined testing procedure. All this information then flows into the detailed test reports. Last but not least, we give a recommendation for whom the product is suitable.

In this way, we want to accompany and support you as best as possible in your individual purchase decision.

Our dream team

In order to be able to provide you with the quality you are used to, a lot of work has to be done.

Here are the facts about our dream team members:


Strategy and product tester

Hoovers tremble when they hear his name, because he doesn't rest until he's got his latest gadgets completely up to scratch. For him, making a positive difference and trying out new things means having fun at work. With this attitude, he creates the greatest possible benefit for the readers of Smart Home Fox.


Strategy and product tester

Ilia is the first one in the office and the last one to leave. In the meantime, he does everything necessary to ensure that this project generates the best possible added value for you as a reader. "The customer is our focus. We want to do everything we can to provide our readers with comprehensive advice"


Product tester

Our expert for air purifiers and smart climate. He tirelessly puts even the last air purifier in respiratory distress during testing. He spares no effort to find out the best "extra tip" for you. If the product has a hitch, he will discover it!

Marina and Ramona

Photography and tests

Our two power women are professionals at the cameras. With heart, passion and always in a good mood, they make sure that the long text passages are adorned with high-quality product photos.


Review and design

Janina is the tireless free spirit in the team. She is responsible for working out the designs and editing the pictures. Furthermore, every review you see on the site has to pass her desk and be proofread beforehand.


Organisational and back office.

You can't imagine how much organisational stuff is involved. Ordering products, paying invoices, maintaining lists, communicating with manufacturers etc.. Patrick takes care of all that and much more.

How we finance ourselves

How much work, money and time goes into a test report? Quality has its price and is our top priority. And because we want to write high-quality reports with added value for you, we invest a lot.

It is not unusual for manufacturers to approach us and try to manipulate our results in exchange for payment. But that is out of the question for us! We are proud of our independence and our goal is to advise you fairly and in the best possible way.

To finance ourselves, we use affiliate links. This means that if you are satisfied with our work and would like to support us, you can go to an online shop via our links. If you buy something there, we might get a commission. There are no additional costs for you. Look out for our discount codes, then you can even save money.

This way we can - to the chagrin of the manufacturers ;) - we can remain independent and express our opinion freely and give you fair advice.

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We have an affiliate relationship with some manufacturers, where we receive a commission on sales if you click over from our site. This does not affect the purchasing price. In contrast: By using our discount codes, you'll get the best deal possible.